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A unique attraction in the Varadero beach area is Marino Cayo Piedras del Norte Park. This barrier reef has everything to captivate both the professional or amateur divers and snorkel users. Transparent water and bright colors prevail, shoals of diverse fishes, corals that seem to be sculptured and hand-coloured. Besides different sunken ships from the conquest eras some were recently discovered.

Beauty, adventure and security characterize this amazing place, that covers two square miles , 8 miles from the famous Varadero's Spa, the most beautiful beach of the island and the Marina Gaviota Varadero.

There are various sunken ships that can be visited in this area, these are some of the most interesting:

- Coral Negro: Steel ship that is 40m length and weighs 140tons. It was sunk on February 5th 1996 at a depth of 27m.

- Naval frigate vessel: Steel structure, 36m in length and weighing 180tons. It shows 4 rocket launching banks and two pieces of artillery and two 30mm cannons. It was sunk to a depth of 20m.

- AN-24 plane. It was sunk to a depth of 15m.

- Naval Frigate. 102m in length and weighing 1500 tons, equipped with a double 57mm cannon and a second double 76mm cannon in the poop, 2 x 30mm cannons at each side of the vessel, a rocket launcher, anti-aircraft artillery with 2 rockets and two antisubmarine launchers.

It was sunk to a depth of 27m, the command tower is only 2 meters from the surface. It offers diving to different depths, depending on the experience and the level of the visitors.

-Tugboat: Steel structure 29m in length and weighing 300tons. It was sunk to a depth of 7m.

Dive at any of these sites by contacting info@gocubaplus.com or by calling our office when you arrive. We also organize full diving packages including dives, flight and accommodation.



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